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 Android All In One Tool Kit

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PostSubject: Android All In One Tool Kit   Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:41 pm

Android All In One Tool Kit

Description :
I Made This tool for making workflow more easier for stuff like transfering data from pc to phone and phone to pc . Rather than connecting mass storage via USB you can transfer data using this tool via adb. No need of any command just use this tool for stuff like

1. Fast Data Transfer Using adb ( Instead Of SD Card Mounting )
2. Tweaks for Android
3. Build Prop Editor
4. Android APK Manager

1. Android Device Connected To PC in Debugging Mode Enabled
2. USB Drivers Should Be Installed

User Manual :

1. Fast Data Transfer Using adb ( Instead Of SD Card Mounting ):
We used to transfer our data in mobile phone by connecting SD Card to pc but As per my experience it takes much time to connect for bulky SD Cards . So By using this feature You can pull data from device or push data from device
Pulling Data From Phone :
Just select the folder of SD card from which you want to pull data Viz. download , music ,videos I Made ready made option for that You can even set custom folder by giving path in that field like : /sdcard/Documents/
Pushing Data To phone:
In case you want to transfer a file to phone Browse that file and select the destination folder of your SD Card viz. download , music ,video or even custom path

2. Tweaks :
Most android users love android tweaks I made some tweaks for android like Unlock Pattern And Unlock Pin/Password On A Single Click ( *ROOT REQUIRED* ) . More Tweaks will be adding soon as per suggestions and requests

3. Build Prop Editor :
You can modify build properties directly using this application . ( * ROOT REQUIRED* ). This is risky part So Carefully modify build properties.

4. APK Manager:
Many people takes backup of their android apk apps. So when you havebackup and want to install to phone directly , use this feature. Browse the apk file and click on install Apk wait for progress bar to complete installation . & Yap.. App is installed.

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Android All In One Tool Kit
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